Our team was engaged in IUC Program since 2018 building cooperation mainly with Chinese institutions and universities. The joint international research and education activities in the field of ICT tools integration for design and planning has produced the idea of an international summer school. The initial concept of this summer school consisted in hosting the whole class in Rome in July 2020 but due to the Covid crisis the course has been reshaped into an online intensive course based on webinars.



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The course was organised by Sapienza PDTA Department

and was promoted also in cooperation with Tongji university and the Southeast University of Nanjing.


The initiative was rewarded with the IUC Programme Competitive Fund that supported the promotion in China and granted 10 full scolarships for chinese students. In the first decade of September 2019 the high-level training event involved over 30 students from China and 20 from other countries, who attended the 40 hours course with 6 training credits assigned.  Students came from many cities Liuzhou, Yantai and several other universities. Some practitioners from Hong Kong’s Glodon Company also participated.

The training course focused on the opportunities, principles and advantages related to the management of urban design and planning workflows based on ICT tools such as  BIM – Building Information Modeling – and GIS – Geographic information systems.

The course included methodological solutions for

  • energy-friendly and age-friendly design,
  • cultural heritage restoration approaches,
  • GIS environmental and suitability analysis,
  • Artificial intelligence applied to the construction sector.
  • Integration methodologies between BIM and GIS