CITERA Digital Twin Lab

The Digital Twin Lab of CITERA within the research agreement framework with MIBACT – DGERIC Direzione Generale Educazione, Ricerca e istituti Culturali ( ) of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage, is going to develop a Virtual Model of the ancient Palace Silvestri-Rivaldi, a renaissanse resource strategically positioned next to the archeological area of the Roman Forum. The building is invested by an important intervention of rehabilitation managed by DGERIC and involving many research and academic institutions through the innovative approach of the restoration yards – schools: it is an experience of training by doing where the job of restoration, the job of cultural heritage surveying and several other workshops represent a unique opportunity to enter this extraordinary building and to participate to its rehabilitation. Those schools are managed by Sapienza, ICR, CNR, Roma3 University, AssoRestauro, just to mention some, and are open to students coming from all over the world.

Next City Lab

The DT Lab research on Virtual Interactive Tour Using 360 degree camera along the Villa Silvestri-Rivaldi Frescoed rooms produced this first result where each Cultural and artistic resource is linked to hypermedia objects: BIM models, multimedia documentation and a systemic story-telling aiming to involve both technical and touristic users.

The idea is to connect progressively these hypermedia objects to a Blockchain database able to certify historical data, maintenance Guidelines and instructions, and, more in general, technical knowledge.

Virtual Tour