The e-learning platform offers Educational Contents and an open channel for exchanging ideas around the issues of the integrated digital design for buildings and urban planning, where ICT tools and innovative methodologies could lead to quality and sustainability.

We hope the next editions of the summer school could be done as soon as possible in the presence, in Rome and in one of the Chinese partner city, to foster meeting between people and friendships, to visit real projects and demonstrators and to develop co-working laboratories.

We continue to strengthen the international cooperation between Rome and Sapienza university with China and all the world.

The next editions of Winter and Summer International School will be soon presented and promoted. New international partners will participate and the teachers team will be enlarged.

Meanwhile the project has been developed by the PDTA Department into a dedicated e-learning platform for continuous training.

To enroll it is necessary to follow the instructions here.

The course is based on Moodle tools.